Inspired by the idea of a world where access to sustainable, safe and comfortable period care solutions is the norm, our social enterprise FLOW was created. We are three generations of women who are tired of dirty tampon strings; bleeding through our beds when our period management products fail us overnight; contributing to the Earth's growing waste problems; and hearing in the New Zealand media about the ongoing cost of period management products and how this expense may be negatively affecting the education, emotional, and physical wellbeing of our nation's women. 

We believe in bringing together education, empowerment, sustainability, and safe menstrual care on a mission that aims to:

  • Normalise the use of sustainable period management options in order to keep disposable period products out of our landfills and water systems. 
  • Create an environment whereby our young women can feel empowered by their bodies rather than experiencing first-hand, the taboos surrounding menstruation.
  • End period poverty. Too many of our young women are missing out on school, using newspaper in place of tailored period management products, or simply going without because families facing hardship need to channel funds towards life's other necessities.