Mama Roux: Is the Flowcup easy to use?

I think so! Personally, I never looked back after using my cup for the first time and joyfully gave away my tampon stash the next day. It's actually not all that different from using a tampon, just better for your vagina, bank balance, and the environment. However, we are all individuals with different bodies and different ways of adjusting to new experiences. 

Research* has shown that it can take up to 3 cycles to perfect menstrual cup use, but as many as 91% of women who have tried a menstrual cup prefer it over what they were using previously, and would recommend using a menstrual cup to others. So don't give up or feel disheartened if you don't get it first go.

And remember, Mama Roux is always here to help.


Mama Roux


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Siobhanne Thompson