Mama Roux: What happens if the Flowcup goes up and gets lost?

This is a common concern of many first-time menstrual cup users. However, it's a fact that your Flowcup won't get lost up there because of your wonderful cervix, which is like a guardian between the uterus and vagina.

The Flowcup has a longer stem that most other menstrual cups, so when starting out you will have no trouble finding it for removal. Once you are removing and reinserting like a pro, you can trim the stem to a length that suits you.


To remove your Flowcup, it is important that you are relaxed. Take a few deep breaths and push, kind of like you would if you were doing a poo. Then you should be able to reach up, squeeze the bottom of the cup and pull it out. Even though I'm a long-time pro, my favourite place to do this is in the shower which is a great place to start because a) showers are very nice & b) if you drop your Flowcup or spill it... meh, no big deal.


Mama Roux

Siobhanne Thompson