Mama Roux: How do I clean my Flowcup?

There are two answers for this one because you need to clean your Flowcup before you reinsert during your period, and sterilise your Flowcup once your period is done.

During your period rinse the cup with water and wipe clean before reinsertion - take care to make sure that the air holes at the top of the cup are clear. I like to do this in the shower because it's nice and easy. If you're out and about and need to empty your Flowcup, tip the contents down the toilet, wipe with toilet paper, and rinse with water (take your water bottle in the bathroom with you) and reinsert. Cleaning and sterilising your cup at least once daily during your period is best practice.

Between periods I recommend that you clean and then sterilise your Flowcup before leaving it to dry completely and storing it in a breathable cotton bag for your next period. To sterilise, get your dedicated cleaning vessel (I like to use my Flow Sterilising Cup) because I know I'm not going to be using it for anything else) put your Flowcup in, cover with water until 3/4 full and microwave for 3 minutes. Another method for cleaning is to cover your Flowcup with boiling water and 1 tsp of the Orange & Lavender Powdered Cleanser and leave for 20-60 mins then rinse thoroughly.

Check out our Flow Cup Care page for more.


Mama Roux

Siobhanne Thompson