Mama Roux: Are Flowcups less prone to leaking compared to tampons? Do I have to change as frequently?

If your Flowcup is inserted correctly to form a seal it will not leak like tampons are prone to. This is because Flowcups can hold more, and you don't have to change them as regularly.

A normal absorbency tampon holds appox  5 ml of liquid, while a super tampon holds approx 10 ml. The small Flow cup can hold up to 30 mls and the medium Flow cup can hold up to 45 mls.

This means that for every 3 times that you would change a super tampon = only 1 change of a small Flow cup. Or every 4-5 changes of a super tampon = only 1 change of a medium Flow cup. 

My recommendation is that the Flowcup is worn for up to 10 hours, or changed 2-4 times per day depending on how heavy your period is.

p.s the Flow period pants  are great for leaks whether you decide to stick with tampons, or want a bit of extra security while starting out with your Flowcup.


Mama Roux


Siobhanne Thompson