Mama Roux: Which size Flowcup should I pick?

There are a few things to consider about when deciding on which Flowcup will suit you best..

  • Your Period: The S may be best if you have a light-ish period (normal is said to be about 50 ml/10 normal absorbency tampons). For a heavier period (>80 ml/8+ super absorbency tampons) then the M might be your best choice.
  • Pregnancy: M is the one that will best to accomodate your bangin' Mama-bod. 
  • Age: Give S a go if you are a teen or under 30.
  • Sensitivity: Some of us have more tender bits than others, if you have noticed an increase in the sensitivity of your bladder, vulva, or labia when using tampons then I recommend the S.


Mama Roux


Siobhanne Thompson