Mama Roux: I am wondering if you make your leak-proof underwear for teenagers? My daughter is 13 years old and hips are approximately 81 cm.

Yes, our period underwear is suitable for teenagers. Gee, I would have LOVED it if my Mum had bought me a pair - I wouldn't have felt like I had to wear my jumper around my waist for security when I had my period at school. I would have been a lot warmer in winter! Come to think of it, they would be great just to keep in your school bag for emergencies...

I recommend size Small for your daughters hip measurement. 

Just to make doubly sure that you are aware that the underwear is leak-proof but not absorbent. They are suitable for light days, and at the beginning or end of the period, but if worn on heavy days another period product will also be needed.


Mama Roux


Siobhanne Thompson