Mama Roux: I can't seem to get the cup to unfold once inserted, causing it to leak. Have tried many different ways to fix. My first time using it. Any tips or tricks please?

The good news at this end of struggle street is that your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor are probably super strong and this is what may be preventing your cup from opening once it is inserted.

The first and probably most infuriating piece of advice that I have - is to relax... I know right?! Infuriating. BUT have a break from trying for 20 mins or so and then give it another go.. taking a deep breath in, contract your pelvic floor, and then breathe out deeply and fully relax your pelvic floor then try inserting your cup again. A few more deep breaths once it is in will also help. We can hold a lot of tension in the ol' vag.

There are a bunch of other techniques to swing by you - some of them you may have already tried:

  • Squatting and/or wriggling your hips about 
  • Pushing the cup up further than you usually would and then gently tugging on the stem
  • Squeezing the base of the cup a few times

I love a visual guide. Until we have our FLOW 'How To' series up on youtube I highly recommend this video by menstrual cup QUEEN Bree Farmer. It's no nonsense, short, and 100% helpful tips.


Mama Roux

Siobhanne Thompson