Focused toward sustainability, safety, and comfort the Flow menstrual cup has been designed by a resgistered Naturopath, and safety tested in New Zealand.


  • May be worn for 6-10 hours

  • Flat, flexible stem designed for comfort and easy cleaning

  • Free of colours, chemical dyes, and BPA

  • Smooth, slender design with no hard ridges

  • Inside measurements in mls make it easy to track changes in your flow

  • Longer 'training' stem for first time users. This can be trimmed at any time to a length that suits you.


  • Step-by-step instruction leaflet

  • Cotton storage bag

  • Reusable and recyclable packaging

Available in small and medium.

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Made from 100% clear medical grade silicone.


  • Small

Best suited for those with lighter periods, under 30s, and if you have a low cervix or a sensitive bladder.

Stem: 2.5cm. Length: 7.5cm. (including stem). Opening: 3.8cm. Capacity: approx 30 ml

  • Medium

Best suited for those with heavier periods, over 30s, if you've had a vaginal birth or have a weaker pelvic floor.

Stem: 2.5cm. Length: 8cm. (including stem) Opening: 4.2cm. Capacity: approx 45ml


The Flowcup may be worn for 6-10 hours at a time, or changed 2-4 times per day depending on how heavy your flow is. Using the Flowcup during your period will help you to understand your body's individual rhythm during this time and you will soon know how many times you will need to change it during the day/night.

A step-by-step instruction leaflet is included with your Flow cup. For additional information and support please see How to Use Your Flowcup and feel free to Ask Mama Roux if you have any further questions.


Rinse and/or wipe clean between each insertion during your period. In-between cycles wash well, sterilise, and leave to dry completely before storing in a breathable cotton bag. Please see Flowcup Care for more detailed information on how to look after your Flowcup.

Check out the Flow Sterilising Cup for a dedicated cleaning vessel for your Flowcup & the Orange and Lavender Powdered Cleanser for a natural pH balanced cleanser that has been specifically formulated for cleaning your Flowcup in-between cycles.