Yoni Eggs - Obsidian

Yoni Eggs - Obsidian


Set of 3 drilled yoni eggs

  • Small, medium and large.


  • Breathable cotton storage bag
  • String for aiding removal
  • Pipe cleaner


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  • Large: 51g 45mm x 30mm.
  • Medium: 31g 40mm x25mm
  • Small: 16g 30mm x 18mm


100% Obsidian.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic gemstone so there may be small variations in colour and size.


Yoni eggs have been used for centuries by women around the world to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This is essential to prevent urinary incontinence (a little pee leak when you laugh, cough or star jump), uterine prolapse, preparation for an easier childbirth and to strengthen your pelvic floor which may be weakened after a natural (vaginal) birth. A strengthened pelvic floor also makes for better sex.

If you have had a natural vaginal birth or are over 45 years of age, begin with the larger egg. When you can hold it comfortably, progress to the medium egg. Women who have not given birth could start with the medium egg, but if it is too difficult, try the large egg.


  • Wash with warm soapy water after use.
  • Dry. Change string regularly.
  • Clean holes with pipe cleaner provided.
  • Do not boil as this may crack your yoni eggs.